Monday, May 11, 2009

durians keep fallin' on my head

At long last, my thesis film is ready to go LIVE online!

I realise that up until the screening very few people knew anything about my film. From the beginning I found it hard to talk about:

"So what is your thesis about?"

"Well it's about this pangolin, she-"

"What -- a penguin?"

"No, a pangolin. Scaly anteater indigenous to Africa and Asia. But anyway, she has these durians that she treats as pets, and-"

"These what that she what?"

"Um. Okay, my film is about monkeys. And friendship. The end, go away."

It turned out to be rather nice to have people go into the theatre not knowing what to expect from me. I was able to let my thesis speak for itself and I don't know if it comes across but it's really quite a personal project to me. Lots of people congratulated me on it afterward and I am truly thankful and quite amazed by all the support. ♥ ♥ ♥ much love, all. The Dusty animation show was truly a night to remember, I couldn't be prouder of the SVAnimators of '09. I won't forget it as long as I live -- true facts.

anyhoo. I'll shut up and let my film speak for itself this time, too.

I am attempting to make some (pathetic, by comparison) recreation of our Dusty show through a playlist on youtube, which will be updated as people post their films. Check it. They deserve it.

♥ ! I'll be posting more art soonish, as soon as I get real life sorted out. Yay!