Tuesday, March 29, 2011

marchly sketchdump

I'd been feeling a bit unmotivated as far as drawing lately, so I figured I'd mix it up a bit by playing around with media - that usually helps. I picked a random handful of my copic markers and just started playing around.

long-dragon. I like some things about this but overall I'm not sure what I think. I'll need to try this again..

I like animals with long noses, if you didn't know already. from top to bottom: giant anteater, pangolin, tamandua, aardvark, armadillo. no references used, so if anything is off that's why.

supposed to be White Snake and Green Snake from the Chinese story. I'd like to do more illustrations based on that someday.

also watched Kestrel's Eye, a documentary that follows a pair of kestrels in raising a nestful of youngsters (not really recommended if you have a short attention span or need dialogue/narration in your movies, unless you're a nature weirdo like me and love observing animals for hours). since I'd never really studied raptors or falcon-type birds before, I took the opportunity to make some drawings.

small diversion: my boyfriend's dog, who had decided to come take a nap nearby. lifedrawing with markers is definitely something new for me.

I was inspired to draw the gryphons in these pages by the 'gryfalcons' in Mercedes Lackey/Larry Dixon's The Black Gryphon, which predictably enough are my favourite characters in that book. I love the sleekness and compactness of falcon-type birds.

one more stream-of-consciousness sketchpage, including my character Penny and Blossom of the Powerpuff Girls in a kind of weird style which I may mess around more with.

and to close, a pair of caricatured corgis: