Thursday, December 10, 2009


okay, it's safe to upload these now. C:

surprise birthday cards for my friends Brian and Manny!

I may make this a 'my friends riding giant animals' series.

am also trying to make making birthday cards for people a habit, I have had hangups about it for a long time now. I'm always afraid I'll forget someone and they'll feel left out, so I just end up never making them at all. but I'm tired of holding back because of that. I get some great images in my head as gifts for people I know and love, and they all deserve them. I shall attempt to bring these to paper or screen, even if it's just a silly doodle.

so if you're a good friend and next time it's your birthday, watch out for artattacks! *ninja*
and if I do forget, you have permission to request I draw you things.

hope all my stateside friends had a great thanksgiving!