Sunday, November 22, 2009

hello hello

to break this awful habit I have of not posting, here's more stuff people paid me to do:

pet portraits for a couple friends!

I am still taking orders for pet portraits if anybody is interested. :)

I've also been very busy with sticker-making -- I love sticker-making so much! will save those for another post though, I still have to sort out all the scans and photos. I've got an account on etsy now and once I stop procrastinating I will have to get active on there with art. such a lovely site!

couple drawings of a new character of mine. or rather one I've had for some time now but only just managed to be able to draw to my satisfaction.

more about her later on, if enough people want to hear about it. I figure I should stop being such a wuss and post more about my personal art here, since most of what I seem to post are random crap and work-art.

I was having a not so nice day. but it's all good now.

♥ !

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

boo, baby

picture that somebody commissioned me to do of their original characters:

I finished this a while ago but figured now was a good time to put it up. it was an interesting digital painting learning experience and I really enjoyed working on it. both characters are supposed to be that balloony, shiny kind of texture and I was working on making that show through.

plus, I think I need to start drawing more monsters and maybe some *gasp* gory stuff too. I actually love doing that, it's just a side of me not a lot of people see since I tend to be seen as the kid that draws cute puppies. I need to work on making my scary things look more scary. :C

here's a fun art meme someone on deviantART made, draw your character as a variety of beasties and monsters:

in case you can't tell, I'm an Alien/s and a 28 Days Later fan. hahah.

if you don't have any characters you can just draw yourself I guess! the blank one is here, just click the download button on the left side of the page. if anyone I know decides to do this please link me, I want to see. :D

happy belated halloween! I had a great weekend.

to end off this monstrous post, some cute mixed with scary 'cause that is how I roll, as they say.