Sunday, November 22, 2009

hello hello

to break this awful habit I have of not posting, here's more stuff people paid me to do:

pet portraits for a couple friends!

I am still taking orders for pet portraits if anybody is interested. :)

I've also been very busy with sticker-making -- I love sticker-making so much! will save those for another post though, I still have to sort out all the scans and photos. I've got an account on etsy now and once I stop procrastinating I will have to get active on there with art. such a lovely site!

couple drawings of a new character of mine. or rather one I've had for some time now but only just managed to be able to draw to my satisfaction.

more about her later on, if enough people want to hear about it. I figure I should stop being such a wuss and post more about my personal art here, since most of what I seem to post are random crap and work-art.

I was having a not so nice day. but it's all good now.

♥ !


TamiJean said...

*hugs* I am so loving that new character of yours, though I do feel sometimes that I'm seeing something very close to you as an artist when I look at her. <3

Loving your pet portraits!

shells ♥ said...

<3 I'd say you wouldn't be far off the mark, considering what she's supposed to be.


Squirrel said...

The character looks incredibly interesting, would definitely love to see more. And yeah I did think it looked like you to, that makes sense now.

Rosanna P. Brost said...

I like the feathery properties of the character and she looks really neat. I know I'd like to hear more about her! The pet portraits are adorable.

shells ♥ said...

thank you guys! I'll probably explain more about her in a future post then. :)

pilartoons said...

Is she going to be animated one day? Love it!