Wednesday, March 31, 2010

back in the saddle

hi blogworld!

sorry for the hiatus. I really did intend to make posting a habit, but last month my wallet and phone got lost and that kind of threw me off track for a while. life's been getting better though, so no worries there.

most of the drawings I've been doing lately have been work-related, so I can't really post them right now. I've been back into animating as of recently too -- the first serious animation I've done since my thesis pretty much -- which feels AMAZING! :D I do need to start drawing for me again, though, and hopefully this time I'll actually start doing that instead of just talking about it.

here's a sticker sheet I did for my good friend and fellow SVA-rtan Mike (to whose blog you should also pay a visit):

I loved drawing his birdy bros! it's always fun trying something a little different from what you're used to. my drawings have been getting steadily looser since animation school and I hope this trend continues.

more custom stickers for various people, because I've been doing them quite a bit and they're hella fun:

all this art is kind of old-ish but yep, just checking in for a brief life update -- and also because I do want to average a post a month at least, heh. hopefully art and updates will be more frequent in the future now that I have a schedule again. :D