Friday, November 28, 2008


happy thanksgiving, all ye american people who are kindly letting me go to art school in your country and teaching me the ways of the animator! :)

almost all my friends went home for turkey weekend, boo. as for me, I've just been in the dorm doing stuff. I've been doing some school work but at the same time it feels great to be able to draw and art (yes, art is a verb now) just for the heck of it; lately I've been so concerned with thesis and school-drawing/animating so it's nice to have some extra time to relax and just have fun again. :)

I hadn't digitally coloured anything in quite a long time, and I think the school cintiqs are ruining me for my tablet. some quality bamboo time was in order, so I dug up some lineart I already had on my computer to work on (original sketches are all in previous post, actually). plus I needed to practice my digital inking anyway - that was never something I was particularly good at.

my character Penny. I haven't digitally inked with coloured lines in a long time.

shading-with-different-colours experiment, I'm trying to build up my confidence with colour usage. I haven't cel-shaded in a really long time either, wow. I know the proportions and such are kind of off and the shading itself is pretty quick 'n dirty, but I still like it, and I quite like the colours too. must do this more.

this was just a silly thing I liked enough to colour. people who've been familiar with my art for some time might notice that my drawing style has been getting a lot looser and more cartoony as of late, and since I've been drawing greyhounds, whippets and other sighthounds for years and years now (seriously... since I was 10, that's about 12 years) they're a fun subject to try and reinterpret. :)

I've also been sketchbooking lots and loving it, but that will have to wait until I get access to a scanner and such.
♥ ♥ ♥ all round!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

doodlecrap + figure things II

weekly figure/doodledump:

this is generally what I do on mondays.

there will be more than this kind of post on here soon, I promise. not going anywhere for thanksgiving means that I get four solid days off, and I mean to make full use of them. :D

animation class of '09 -- we got featured!


YEAAAAHHHH. (i'm the sillyface waving on the left side of the screen at 1:39-40. hahah. :D)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

some like it 'ruff'

ms sakuracaptor: only in art school
ms sakuracaptor: lol
thawhippet: totally
ms sakuracaptor: art school musical LOL
ms sakuracaptor: LOL
ms sakuracaptor: omg
thawhippet: NO my friends and i totally had this conversation
thawhippet: that art school musical must exist
thawhippet: and if i were a lyricist and song writer i would do it myself
ms sakuracaptor: lol i think anyone can write a song
ms sakuracaptor: its like poetry
ms sakuracaptor: if you can write poetry you can write lyrics
thawhippet: i cant. LOL
thawhippet: i tried and failed
ms sakuracaptor: and you can write poetry if you really think abou tit
ms sakuracaptor: like i think anyone can do either
thawhippet: yeah but a song actually has to have a tune and shit
thawhippet: ah well
ms sakuracaptor: theyd have to be really smart theyd have to know a lot of things about the subject theyre writing about so that they can reference and stuff
thawhippet: that's what we've decided the animation song is
ms sakuracaptor: LOL
ms sakuracaptor: omg
ms sakuracaptor: thats genius
thawhippet: q and i even worked out a dance number
thawhippet: involving light disks and a blue pencil costume
thawhippet: it will be ridiculous and amazing
ms sakuracaptor: and then id have to pop out of nowhere and be all "nicole so sketchy tooo"
thawhippet: LOL OMG
thawhippet: if you were actually known for that when we make this that would be amazing
ms sakuracaptor: omg
ms sakuracaptor: hell. yes.
ms sakuracaptor: this sounds amazing already
thawhippet: hahahah
thawhippet: my friend in graphic design
thawhippet: she said for the design number there should be a coordinated eye twitch
ms sakuracaptor: LOL
ms sakuracaptor: or dropping the blue pencil at the same time
ms sakuracaptor: like they do in boring rigged classes
ms sakuracaptor: or the light disk screen dropping
ms sakuracaptor: because i think everyone's done that here
thawhippet: AHAHA
thawhippet: yes
thawhippet: the peg bars dropping
thawhippet: the plexiglass popping out
ms sakuracaptor: LOL on like the mfa design people's feet
thawhippet: LOL
ms sakuracaptor: and acting all innocent
ms sakuracaptor: lol
thawhippet: i am LOL-ing literally
ms sakuracaptor: omg...have you watched doctor horrible sing along blog
ms sakuracaptor: i keep thinking of that freeze ray song during this entire conversation
thawhippet: OMG HAHA
thawhippet: only the first bit but yeah
ms sakuracaptor: with my light disk i will rule the world lol
ms sakuracaptor: different words but still works in that song lol..
ms sakuracaptor: LOL we're totally on something here
ms sakuracaptor: we HAVE to do art school musical
thawhippet: i might have to put this convo on my blog
ms sakuracaptor: lol
ms sakuracaptor: omg do it lol
ms sakuracaptor: awesome shit developing here
thawhippet: yesss

watch out, broadway.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

doodlecrap + figure things

this week's figures. I've been rusty for the past few weeks I've done this so this time I was actually happy enough with the results to post. fwee!

...and class doodles. because who doesn't? cheap ballpoint pens are my friends, yes.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

jungle jamboree

Thought I'd post some concepts and such for my final year thesis film that I'm currently working on.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

from the sketchbook: Penny and Wings

some drawings I did the other day of two of my original characters. gestures are my favourite thing ever, can you tell? :D

do the figure thing

my personal favourites from last year's figure drawing class. I hope to keep in practice this year even though I don't have any drawing classes -- namely by crashing my old third year class. the teacher is my advisor and I know half the people in it anyway, so nobody minds my sticking around. yay!

coloured stuff

also fairly recent coloured stuff -- I'll get around to posting newer stuff eventually.

some favourites from my sketchbook

fairly recent sketches and doodles that I liked.