Tuesday, August 31, 2010

goodbye summer

ARGH am on a hiatus from work, but I've been busy! with what, I'll say once I'm at liberty to, but in the meantime, yay art.

first, a couple of logo-type commissions I did for some very lovely dog-people:

logo done for Kelly Hayes for her kennel, Offshore! Kelly breeds Wirehaired Pointing Griffons; it was my first time I've actually drawn one, and it's always interesting for me to study a breed I'm not that familiar with. You can check out photos of Kelly's dogs and her dog photography at her website.

English Cocker Spaniel for a website banner. :) as far as I know it isn't online yet but if I do hear anything I'll update this with a link!

Illustration I did for Wielder of her characters, prismacolor pencils on recycled paper. First time using coloured pencils to draw a full background and everything, and I'm quite pleased with the results. I've been using the computer (and failing which, markers) so much lately that it felt good to break out the pencils again. Wielder's own illustration work is fabulous, I definitely recommend giving her art a peek.

okaayyy on to more personal stuff!

I made some silly doodles of my friends and I hankering after our various ethnic foods. I think I succeeded in making a lot of them look like themselves which made me happy, it seems I only really get comfortable drawing people after I've been friends with them a while. still, was a good excuse to practice and I intend to keep doing so.

here's a great idea from fox-orian on deviantART, an influence map!

as an artist, it was interesting to sort out the various things that inspire me -- quite a task since I've been inspired by a lot, and quite overwhelming at times. I think I did a good enough job listing things from my childhood up to the present day, but likely this isn't something that will ever be set in stone, since my art and artistic goals have evolved so much over the years - some of these areas are increasing in size while others are decreasing, and no doubt I'll keep finding more and more new areas to add to this. still, I try to take a little something away from everything I come across.

if any of my other artsy friends decides to give this one a shot, do link me - I'd love to see. :)