Thursday, June 14, 2012

Samurai Chinchilla - Ringo Animation Test

Go figure, the day I start planning to do some projects of my own some unexpected stuff happens and throws everything for a loop. x_x Long story short: I was forced to move on very short notice and the past month and a half since my last post on blogger have been occupied with finding a new place to live and settling in. Thankfully the worst is over and I can finally get back to things like Skyrimdrawing for myself again!

First though I'm very excited and happy to finally be able to share this! I've been working on a project helmed by the talented aficionado of all things cute and cuddly, Kristine Marsh - her pitch pilot for Samurai Chinchilla, which will hopefully become an animated series in the future! This has been in development for quite a while and now it's all happily starting to come together.

This is an animation test that I did so that Kristine could try out the look and style of the cartoon. I love the concept and Kristine's character designs are too much fun to draw, so it was a pleasure to animate the main character Ringo! His voice actor provided a great performance and gave me a lot I could work with. :) I did the test in Flash - I work digitally these days for the efficiency and convenience. Here is the rough version:

And here's the finished test! I did clean up the drawings myself, but Kristine and her team polished it and added shadows. Also featuring a fabulous background drawn by my boyfriend Giorgio! Hooray for collaborations :D

If you like what you see and would like to support this idea, VOTE for Samurai Chinchilla in the 2012 Animation Magazine Pitch Party! And if you use Facebook, do visit Samurai Chinchilla's page and 'like' it to be kept in the loop for updates - a Kickstarter campaign and an artbook are in the works! Kristine is currently having an open fanart call for the artbook, so if you're inspired enough to draw fanart, feel free to send it her way (her contact info should be on the facebook page, but let me know if you need it). I hope to see little Ringo and his friends someday make it to the small screen for the kids of the future (and adults alike) to enjoy :)