Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Hello, friends, school has been keeping me busy but I'm very excited to post something I've been slowly chipping away at for a while! Some members of the Dota 2 art community have organized a massive collaboration to illustrate a dota-themed traditional tarot card deck, with each card being represented by a hero. So far it's been a wonderful mix of professional and hobby artists and everyone is inspired and inspirational and is a joy to work with. The card art is all coming along beautifully too! You can track progress if you're interested on !

For my card, I picked (surprise) one of my favourite heroes Batrider, who's representing the Knight of Cups in this collab. I am told that it's about traversing difficult terrain, which of course - as my fellow Dota-players know - suits him to a T!

Since I don't do a lot of illustrations with this amount of detail, I also kept track of progress and made a process gif since I've always wanted to try doing one:

And just for fun some more casual drawings I did of him on a separate occasion - love this character!