Thursday, February 23, 2012

a rain of rabbits

The developers of the Naughty Rabbits iPhone game have given me permission to post art done for the game online! I thought it might be fun to do a post showing the progression of the designs, so here we go.
Here's my first pass at trying to pin down a design style for the basic 'baby' rabbit. The client told me to have fun with it and I tried to vary the styles. I think the second one (light purple-blue) is probably closest to 'my' style on this!
The third design (light blue) was eventually chosen to be developed further.
After some back-and-forth, a pose was settled on and eventually worked into the final design. Working so that the designs would still look good at a tiny size and keeping the overall design as 'square' as possible was a challenge, but a suggested fix to the ears did the trick.
Some ideas for the 'Zippy' rabbit character. Since the other rabbit designs are very curvy (and I draw mainly with curves and round shapes in general), I tried to do something different by making this one more angular and pointy. This design was rejected for something more 'cute', but I still quite like these. The little guy on the bottom was made into the 'Happy' rabbit character, and I hardly made any changes to him at all.
A 'cuter' Zippy design, plus some ideas for the Greedy and Sleepy rabbits. Greedy Rabbit was supposed to have sticky fur with sugar and sweets stuck to it. Definitely a challenge to try to convey that at a small resolution!
Final design for Zippy, trying out various ways to place the Chinese character ('flight', both traditional and simplified). They went with the one on the far right.
More final ideas for Sleepy Rabbit:
Final designs for Greedy Rabbit. I gave him a mooncake to munch on since those are sticky, Chinese, and connected with the moon, much like rabbits are in Chinese folklore. Final-final design is on the right; though the pose and such on the left were approved, I thought he could look more appealing so I 'cuted' him up a bit.
And here are the finished designs all vectored up, plus the logo/title of the game:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

hold my heart

Valentine's Day seemed like a good enough excuse to doodle up a quickie of a couple much-loved characters that I hadn't drawn in a while. :) ♥ I hope you got to spend it with someone that loves you and that you love, no matter what your relationship might be.