Wednesday, December 29, 2010

hello, mr. long

Chinese long dragon for 'East Asian Monsters' theme on Tonight We Draw :D I'm proud of this one.

Monday, December 6, 2010

hello, december

my friends and I have started a joint drawing blog! I've wanted to try being a part of something like this for a long time so I'm glad we've got it all set up. check it out: Tonight, We Draw! :D

I leave for Singapore in a couple of weeks! I'm looking forward to visiting home for the first time in two years. :) it's been a while since I've seen my whole family and a lot of my friends. plus, I've been checking out the developments at our local zoos and animal parks, and I'm psyched to hear about all the new animals that have moved in since I was last there! (which was admittedly quite a while ago - shame on me.) they even have pangolins now and I'm so looking forward to seeing them in the flesh. expect sketchbook/photo dumps once all this happens.

anyway, I was kind of productive yesterday:

I only really like about 20% of these drawings. :[ but at least I'm drawing in my sketchbook again. slowly the rust is flaking off my doodling equipment. ballpoint pen is pretty much officially my implement of choice by far.

and this because I'm silly.

Friday, November 5, 2010

back at bunko

and somehow my blogposting missed october. sorry, october. :[

here's a doodle dump circa june 2010 I found on my cintiq at the studio, consisting of drawings both work-related and otherwise:

I like my stylized Raphael and baby Michelangelo.

..okay, back to work.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

sketchbook gaming

the usual suspects and I were in central park over last week to draw some stuff, and somehow, unsurprisingly enough, this turned into a contest as to who could draw the best goblin drag-queen:

this made me bring up the idea of sketchbook hero again since it's been a while since I've drawn with a group of people. we decided the prompts were going to be a combined verb/adjective and noun, each chosen randomly by a different person. we took turns choosing words. the results are as follows:

"Flying Pants"

"Bare Gorilla"

"Aggressive Cthulu"

"Sloppy Platypus"

we went all out on this and decided to pick three prompts and combine them in one picture. "Ski-jumping Cat", "Furious Sweeperbot" and "Spongy Cougar"

I wish I hadn't misjudged the amount of space I would need. :| if I'd been able to finish the cougar's tail I might actually be quite proud of this one.

I think everyone else who was there at the time needs to post up their versions somewhere. I'll link to them if they do! :D

Monday, September 6, 2010

more pokemon

expect even more pokemon. I forgot how addictive and fun (and maddening) these games were.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

goodbye summer

ARGH am on a hiatus from work, but I've been busy! with what, I'll say once I'm at liberty to, but in the meantime, yay art.

first, a couple of logo-type commissions I did for some very lovely dog-people:

logo done for Kelly Hayes for her kennel, Offshore! Kelly breeds Wirehaired Pointing Griffons; it was my first time I've actually drawn one, and it's always interesting for me to study a breed I'm not that familiar with. You can check out photos of Kelly's dogs and her dog photography at her website.

English Cocker Spaniel for a website banner. :) as far as I know it isn't online yet but if I do hear anything I'll update this with a link!

Illustration I did for Wielder of her characters, prismacolor pencils on recycled paper. First time using coloured pencils to draw a full background and everything, and I'm quite pleased with the results. I've been using the computer (and failing which, markers) so much lately that it felt good to break out the pencils again. Wielder's own illustration work is fabulous, I definitely recommend giving her art a peek.

okaayyy on to more personal stuff!

I made some silly doodles of my friends and I hankering after our various ethnic foods. I think I succeeded in making a lot of them look like themselves which made me happy, it seems I only really get comfortable drawing people after I've been friends with them a while. still, was a good excuse to practice and I intend to keep doing so.

here's a great idea from fox-orian on deviantART, an influence map!

as an artist, it was interesting to sort out the various things that inspire me -- quite a task since I've been inspired by a lot, and quite overwhelming at times. I think I did a good enough job listing things from my childhood up to the present day, but likely this isn't something that will ever be set in stone, since my art and artistic goals have evolved so much over the years - some of these areas are increasing in size while others are decreasing, and no doubt I'll keep finding more and more new areas to add to this. still, I try to take a little something away from everything I come across.

if any of my other artsy friends decides to give this one a shot, do link me - I'd love to see. :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


old art -- or old-ish, anyway, from early 2009.

at the time, my style of drawing was starting to loosen up in a dramatic and wonderful way, so since dogs are a subject matter I am familiar with plus varied enough to keep me interested in them all these years, I asked my watchers on deviantART to suggest some breeds for me to play around with drawing. and play I did!

I guess I got too caught up in the thesis rush to remember to scan these and put them on the internet, but I was leafing through my old sketchbook and came upon all these -- and wonder of wonders, I still like 'em. so here they are. :D

Monday, July 5, 2010

more stupid video game fanart

coloured the silly doodle I made of Kirby and Rick. I love Kirby's Dreamland 2 and I've been playing Super Star Ultra like a madperson.

Parasol Waddle Dee, you're my favourite helper!

I'm convinced that (if it wanted to, which I doubt) the Kirby franchise could birth the most adorable and disturbing example of cartoon violence. dichotomies intrigue me, and impossibly cute small things that kick a large amount of ass has always been a favourite - explains my love for Kirby and the Powerpuff Girls, among other things. expect more drawings in this vein. :B

more doggie/wolfie stickers I made for people:

(all characters © their respective creators and do not belong to me.)

and silly doodles of the boyfriendthing because he's abroad and I can:

still not much personal art other than stupid doodles, but at least I'm drawing. :)
I've been doing so much animation at work that I'm proud of, I can't wait to update my reel! :D

Thursday, June 24, 2010

tall grass habitat

perfectionism and control-freakiness when it comes to animating scenes resulting in overtime and much hair-pulling, combined with the wish for more time and energy to play video games - among other things - can be a lethal mixture. it leads to silly flash doodles and easy amusement. but who doesn't like silly flash doodles?

I've been 24 for almost a week now! w00t.

Monday, May 31, 2010


another one for the last-day-of-the-month posts! lotsa doodling been going on here, which is awesome. primarily fanart because lately I've been feeling more like drawing other people's characters than my own for the most part.

first off, some fanart for Kirby! I love this character, and this about sums up why:

I got inspired by the old 90's Kirby ads (and super smash bros of course) on these drawings. I've been enamoured with that loose 'n squishy way of drawing -- and animating! -- recently. :)

had to give Rick, Coo, Kine and Whispy some love too. :B

some doodles of my character Switch -- designed around my western zodiac sign (gemini) and how that relates to my personality. she's a lot of fun to draw if a little difficult to nail sometimes, but I've definitely captured how I intended her to look in these.

more pokemon art because I've been playing a lot of Soul Silver recently! the game's as addictive as ever.

one of the first things my beedrill Needles did after he evolved from a kakuna was to hug me! I thought that was so cute I had to make a drawing capturing the touching moment between a trainer and her giant bipedal apian monster.

he's just learnt twineedle and is thus more badass than ever. and that'll be all for now.

Friday, April 30, 2010

well it feels like being ten again

I have my copy of Pokemon Soul Silver! and of course I had to make an illustration to commemorate the occasion:

drawing myself as a ten year old is a lot of fun. :)

I've got really really fond memories of the gold-silver/Johto generation of pokemon and being excited as all getout about it coming out when I was a kid, so it makes me really happy that I'll be able to play these games all spiffed up on my DS. and with some really cool extra features no less!

of course who could forget the originals? charmander remains my favourite starter pokemon of all time ever. :D

my friend Gio thinks I'm a fool for being of this opinion, so I drew us as Red and Blue for laughs. I'm probably going to draw a better version and colour it. I'm not a huge fan of the way the people look in the games/show but it felt weird to draw them too differently. I also got a cheap old copy of Pokemon Colosseum for the gamecube (which I'd never played) that I've been playing on my wii, so I'm probably going to be drawing more pokemon stuff!

seems to be a thing with me that I make a post on the last day of every month! I've been so busy helping out my friends among SVA's current crop of seniors with their thesis films, and between that and working I haven't had much time for art of my own sadly. but now they're done and the Dusty screenings are coming up next week! if you got an evening to kill on Tuesday the 4th, go catch the show. :) it's at the SVA theater on west 21st street, at 7 PM.

I know I say this a lot, but my blog shall be getting more love. :D

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

back in the saddle

hi blogworld!

sorry for the hiatus. I really did intend to make posting a habit, but last month my wallet and phone got lost and that kind of threw me off track for a while. life's been getting better though, so no worries there.

most of the drawings I've been doing lately have been work-related, so I can't really post them right now. I've been back into animating as of recently too -- the first serious animation I've done since my thesis pretty much -- which feels AMAZING! :D I do need to start drawing for me again, though, and hopefully this time I'll actually start doing that instead of just talking about it.

here's a sticker sheet I did for my good friend and fellow SVA-rtan Mike (to whose blog you should also pay a visit):

I loved drawing his birdy bros! it's always fun trying something a little different from what you're used to. my drawings have been getting steadily looser since animation school and I hope this trend continues.

more custom stickers for various people, because I've been doing them quite a bit and they're hella fun:

all this art is kind of old-ish but yep, just checking in for a brief life update -- and also because I do want to average a post a month at least, heh. hopefully art and updates will be more frequent in the future now that I have a schedule again. :D

Monday, February 8, 2010

what kind of pokemon are you?

I wanted to get these out in time for pokemon month on facebook, but didn't make it. ah well. some friends and I came up with pokemon puns on our names, and I thought it would be fun to draw them out.








yours truly.

in other news, I shall be employed in a week. hoorah!

Monday, January 18, 2010

brave new world

this is late, but better late than never eh? happy 2010! :D

my new year's resolution is to cut loose all the emotional and mental sandbags, and do my best to fly. the real world is terrifying, but I need to stop being a wuss about it.

and, just because I can:

that joke will never get old. :)