Monday, December 6, 2010

hello, december

my friends and I have started a joint drawing blog! I've wanted to try being a part of something like this for a long time so I'm glad we've got it all set up. check it out: Tonight, We Draw! :D

I leave for Singapore in a couple of weeks! I'm looking forward to visiting home for the first time in two years. :) it's been a while since I've seen my whole family and a lot of my friends. plus, I've been checking out the developments at our local zoos and animal parks, and I'm psyched to hear about all the new animals that have moved in since I was last there! (which was admittedly quite a while ago - shame on me.) they even have pangolins now and I'm so looking forward to seeing them in the flesh. expect sketchbook/photo dumps once all this happens.

anyway, I was kind of productive yesterday:

I only really like about 20% of these drawings. :[ but at least I'm drawing in my sketchbook again. slowly the rust is flaking off my doodling equipment. ballpoint pen is pretty much officially my implement of choice by far.

and this because I'm silly.


Mariel F. said...

d'awww that last one is adorable! Nice sketches, too. Love your zodiac girl!

Also that draw blog thing looks super fun! :0

Shelley said...

ahh thanks Mariel! :) yes I hope it will be. seems like we're off to a pretty good start.