Monday, January 18, 2010

brave new world

this is late, but better late than never eh? happy 2010! :D

my new year's resolution is to cut loose all the emotional and mental sandbags, and do my best to fly. the real world is terrifying, but I need to stop being a wuss about it.

and, just because I can:

that joke will never get old. :)


Sig said...

hey shelley! great stuff as always, haha, thanks for subscribing to my rather shoddy blog XD

pilartoons said...

Shelley I love your work! I love how you draw dogs!! Keep up the awesome work!!

Ivey said...

i love the one of you running out into the distance with your dog. that's the right mindset to have :D

Jen said...

You have such a fun style. I love the motion in your art. :)

shells ♥ said...

late in coming, but thanks so much all of you. <3