Saturday, March 21, 2009


pah, thesis has been eating me. I miss posting things. I'm on the home stretch here, though - whoo.

anyway, figure drawings from the past two weeks I attended:


Janice said...

Your figures are getting so good Shelley! I especially like the ones in pink down the bottom there... they look really natural!

MaliCat said...

you know how much I love your figure drawings. They're always so full of movement and character. These are great, as always. :)

abreakastudios said...

i like i like:) i really want to see your thesis. it sucks that its screening the day after leave. Hope you post it on youtube :)

shelley said...

thanks all. :D sorry for the late reply too, I've been lax at checking back here x_x

arielle -- yeah, I'll post it somewhere, no fear! I'm going to put it up after the screening. :)