Saturday, September 12, 2009

based on a true story

also starring Chris and Gio

okay, the spit-take I made up, but the conversation was only mildly edited. also I conveniently erased Brian from this scene. sorry, Brian. it was an artistic choice.

I need to draw people I know more. and really just draw more in general blargh. hope everyone had a better summer than me! :)


Brian "Beard" said...

is that all I am to you!? AN ARTISTIC CHOICE! FUCK YOUR CAKE

Shelley said...

do something funny next time and i'll make a comic about that

I actually still have what's left of that cake in my fridge, I should finish that thing.

(and for the record nobody actually did the cake. at least I hope not.)

Brian "Beard" said...

I did the cake and you missed it and that was the funny thing I did. ptsh!

Shelley said...

ooooh snap

now you need to be in Chris' music video. TWIST IT AROUND