Thursday, April 28, 2011

vector vector vector

been playing around with Illustrator CS3 over the past few days, watching online tutorials and trying to teach myself the ins and outs. I'm not fond of working in vectors but thanks to Flash I'm a lot more comfortable with them than before and it's not so counter-intuitive for me. it's my first time really trying AI out and this is the first picture I've done with it, of my character Penny who always serves as my new technique guinea pig somehow:

the jury is still out on whether Illustrator and I are going to be friends, but figuring out how to toggle the brush settings has helped its case. :B

here's a vector logo I did for a dog-walking service, made with a more familiar foe-turned-bosom-friend, Flash:


SombraStudio said...

I really love the dog! Especially the shape of it's muzzle. That's just adorable!

shells ♥ said...

thank you hun :D

Sig said...

so good at vectors! this is awesome shelley! love the dogs face =)