Tuesday, December 6, 2011

large flock guardian

More colour/background practice for what I've decided is going to be Colours And Backgrounds Month (am going to start picking something different to focus on every month so I can stay organized and on top of things)! I've started first doing underpaintings so I can figure out the general colour scheme of everything instead of getting overwhelmed when the time comes to fill it all in - seems a bit of a 'duhr' solution and it's a bit silly that I've only been trying it lately, but I'm glad I finally came around to it even if it took me a while. I've also become more brave about outlining background elements, I went in and refined the clouds after someone pointed out they looked a tad blurry.

The dog pictured is my Maremma Sheepdog character, Sirocco. I imagine he's scaring off a stray dog that got too close for his comfort, or something.

I should do some quick colour studies of photos and the view out my window and the like just to practice!


Xeraki said...

I really love how you drew the sheep-dogs fur. Its stylized/cartoony, but it looks almost realistic at the same time.

Loving the soft night colors :D

Nicholas Hong said...

It has great storytelling here! very peaceful..can't wait to see more! ^^