Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Women in Animation is hosting a Samurai Chinchilla event! I won't be in NY in time to attend, but if you're in the area, you should stop by. RSVP to Lisa Goldman at lisaggoldman@yahoo.com by Friday, May 3rd if you plan on showing up. Everyone is welcome, though a $10 donation is asked if you're not a WIA member. And do like or subscribe to Samurai Chinchilla on facebook to keep tabs on the project!

SamuChilla kickstarter goes live in May! I couldn't be more excited about working on this story and working with this crew. :D


Lucy Xue said...

wow! I actually happen to be home around that time (I live near NYC)! I might go check it out.. :D

Shelley said...

ooohh yay!! It'd be awesome if you could (even though I won't be around hahah). You can always tell Kristine you know me, she is cool! And Women in Animation is a great group to be a part of from what I have seen :)