Friday, December 12, 2008


so I was hanging out with my friends Carly and Mike and we randomly decided to challenge each other to a fast and furious three-way drawing jam battle. "anything you can draw I can draw better" as Carly called it, hahah. it was a whole lot of fun, and I decided that the results, while not the best drawings in the world since we were basically scribbling them up on the spot in maybe two minutes tops, were fun enough to post. :)

Mike's first prompt was to draw a really grumpy lion, so I did. the red col-erase came as an afterthought and from that moment on I could not look at the drawing because I kept bursting out laughing. *dork*

My friend Deanna who happened to be around at the time gave us this prompt. I have no idea where that came from but it was pretty funny.

Carly's prompt: NINJA. I'm so proud of this, I had put down my pencil so I just grabbed the first writing implement that came to hand (my pilot g-2 clicky pen) and went with it.

me: "I see your ninja and raise you a pirate"
the one on the left is my character Lallang (as a human, she's normally a pirate cat, hahah). she's supposed to be Singaporean so her costume reflects it. I tried to make a more 'traditional' lady pirate on the right but that failed and now she just looks like a weird Disney's Esmerelda thing. eh.

Mike: "Draw Mickey Mouse in your style"
at this point I'm actually not really sure what 'my style' is, since I'm in an evolving stage. I just went with drawing Mickey's simple basic design as I understood it (after all, we're not referencing stuff here).

Carly prompted with Tink right after Mickey. I really like how mine came out. :D

one of our friends requested Fievel from An American Tail, which I'd actually watched about maybe two years ago so it was somewhat more fresh in my mind than it would have been otherwise.

my prompt, since I've had brawling on the brain recently. SUPAHSONIC FTW
this is me recreating a battle I had over summer with a couple of kids I didn't know that happened to be at my cousin's house. they were both playing Pit and ganging up on me because I'm a girl, omg. I wasn't doing too well but payoff eventually arrived in the form of a smash ball. revenge was pretty sweet.

this looks nothing like Papa Smurf. hooray.

yaayy Beckermans! :D drawing him from memory was tougher than I thought but I think this is recognisable enough.

this was really fun and I'd love to make it an actual event for us to do every week, the more the merrier too. drawing with other people makes me happyyy~! :D


Kernel Cat said...

Wish I could stop being so srs.

But I like the nuns wrestling too. omg lol. I've played this game before, my results were not as amusing.

And about the music thing, go here:

Michael J. Ruocco said...

We definitely gotta do this again, really soon! I had a blast!